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History of Hylands House

Hylands House is a beautiful designed stately home situated in the 570 acres of Hylands Park.

The history of Hylands House dates back to the 18th century. The House has been publicly owned since 1966 after the death of Mrs Hanbury, the House’s last private owner.

Since 1966 the House and its surrounding grounds have been owned and maintained by Chelmsford City Council. Hylands House has undergone a restoration programme which was completed in 2007.

Both Hylands House and Hylands Park are now popular public attractions and host a variety of events throughout the year.


Five Fun Facts about Hylands House:

• Over the past 300 years, Hylands Estate has had nine owners, including the most recent owners, Chelmsford City Council. Click here to find out more about Hylands Estate’s previous owners.

• When Hylands House was first built in 1730, it looked very different. In fact, it was originally built as a modest red brick Queen Anne style home – the red brick still exists under its white stucco façade.

• Hylands House & Estate has survived two World Wars and during World War II the Estate was the site for a German Prisoner of War Camp, and the House was used by the SAS as their headquarters.

• In 2019, Hylands House was used as a double for the White House in season three of the popular Netflix series The Crown.

•  Today, Hylands House hosts a number of different events and has become the backdrop for many special occassions. Not only is it home to the National Flower Show, but is also a popular venue for weddings, business events and more.

For more information about Hylands House and Hylands Estate visit the Hylands Estate website here.